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Who We Are

We are HESTRIX. A team of software developers from a variety of different startups. We absorbed the values ​​and importance of efficient solution implementation, secure development, and working with a short deadline; While at the same time producing the highest quality product.

Our team of all-stars is capable of the full range of end-to-end product development, and we live and work according to the values ​​we brought with us from the Israeli Start-Up scene.

We realized that there was a need for a software development company that knows how to work like a startup bringing quality and rapid results to clients, whether you are a small company just starting out or a large and established company that might find it difficult to execute complex processes quickly.

Beyond software development, our team accompanies and guides our clients to adopt the new software, helping to ease the difficulty of embracing new technology.

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What We Do

Cutting Edge Development

System architecture and full cycle development are just the tip of the iceberg of what we do. We develop with the industry’s latest technologies in a clean, fast and the most secured way possible.

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We like to share our knowledge on a daily basis. Need help with architecture, complex problems or with choosing the right stack technologies for your company’s needs? Contact us for a free consultation.

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Team Empowering

Nowadays, all the knowledge we need is already online. But there is nothing like learning from an top experienced developers with a lot of passion for technology. 

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